Publication Ethics

The Nsukka Journal of the Humanities shall not approve or support any publication, misconduct, or knowingly permit or ignore such misconduct to occur at any stage of the article publication. However, where any misconduct has occurred, which is not a deliberate action of the editors and/or author(s), retraction or correction, clarifications and apologies will be published in the next edition following the detection of the error(s). Before any research article is published, authors must do the followings:

·       Declare that the manuscript has not been submitted or published elsewhere.

·       Declare any conflict of interest.

·       Ensure that all co-authors merit the criteria for authorship and ensure appropriate acknowledgements are made in the manuscript.

·       Include appropriate funding statements in the manuscript.

·       Submission of ethical clearance (ensuring research using animals is conducted responsibly).

·       Inform the journal Editor of any content or timeline changes made in the research before publication by the journal.

·       To advise and report to the Editor of the Nsukka Journal of the Humanities through email ( immediately any complaints or changes in the content or conduct of the research take place in the course of the approval period that may warrant a review of the ethical clearance.

·       All research articles MUST also comply with section 5.4, sub-sections 1-5 of the extant ethical policy paper of the University of Nigeria Nsukka ( These guidelines outline the publishing ethics responsibilities of the University of Nigeria Nsukka, authors, peer reviewers and editors.

Please note that the failure to comply with any of these conditions, especially with this clearance and the University’s strict adherence to research ethics on intellectual property and publication rights, may lead to the charge of non-ethical compliance with the ethical policy of the University of Nigeria Nsukka as attached.