An author takes credit for conducting and documenting original research. The designation as the author comes with the responsibility and accountability for the submitted manuscript or published piece and its content. The Nsukka Journal of the Humanities identifies the author as a person or persons who must have participated and contributed significantly to the conception and design, data acquisition, data analysis, and execution or interpretation of the reported study. These are the qualifying criteria before one is designated as the author. The status of authorship credit comes when the Editor of NJH approves the final version of the manuscript for publication.

The Nsukka Journal of the Humanities recognizes three types of authors. First, is the lead author that is the person his/her name appears as the first author among the list of co-authors. Second, the corresponding author is the person who acts as an intermediary between the rest of the authors, the NJH Editors and the publishing outlet as well as handles all communication concerning submission, review, revision and the production process. Third, are all the co-authors that did not fall into the first and second categories as stated above. All three categories of authors MUST take responsibility for the originality, ownership, accuracy and integrity of every part of the manuscript submitted or published article. Therefore, all authors are MANDATED to sign the Publisher’s Agreement.

Non-authors: These are individuals or persons that do not meet the criteria of single authorship or none of the three categories in multiple authorship. The journal will not recognize or accept a gift author. A gift author is an individual who has not made any intellectual contributions to the manuscript or has made a contribution but does not fall into any of the criteria for authorship. An individual who has contributed in terms of funding, providing administrative support, technical editing, language editing, proofreading, or some other aspect of the writing process should be acknowledged by the authors for their specific contributions. Such person(s) does (do) not take responsibility for the content of the manuscript or published article.