Author Guidelines

Manuscripts submitted to NJH must be unpublished and authored by the person(s) submitting them. The manuscripts must clearly identify the source of every item that is not original (e.g., images, figures, text excerpts, illustrations, tables, etc.), and make explicit reference, whenever necessary, to permissions obtained from copyright holders and/or authors. Manuscripts should always include five keywords and an abstract in English language. The abstract should not exceed 250 words and it must include the title of the manuscript – no longer than 15 words.


All contributions must be in Microsoft Word document with double-line space (Times New Roman font size 11). Only the title of the paper should appear on the first page of the article. The name, address, email address and any other information about the author(s) should appear on a separate sheet under the title of the contribution.

Word Count

Manuscripts should be between 6000-8000 words, including maps, charts, photographs, notes and references. Review articles and sports should not exceed 2000 words, while book review should not exceed 1000 words.


Contributions should adhere to the current MLA or APA style of citation and documentation.